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Select List of Publications

Papers Published
  • Impact of Knowledge Management in IT Products marketing in India (Co authored with Prof.Pranab Deb, ICFAI) First international conference on knowledge management for productivity and competitiveness, New Delhi, 11-12.01.2007, Organised by NPC, APO, IMI.
  • Consumers' perception towards ISO9000-Result of a Pilot Survey, ICFAI Journal of Operation Management, Vol6, No.1, Feb'07.
  • Arvind Mills Ltd.: Managing Working Capital. A case study- published in ECCH 19
  • Implementation of Six Sigma Concepts at a Corporate Management Development Institute- A Case Study IIIM, Jaipur, OORJA
  • Managing Knowledge Workers- Issues, Challenges, Direction National Conference on Global Competitiveness 2006-Organised by ICFAI Business School, Kolkata.
  • Ranking Hazards - A Fuzzy Set Approach for Rational Use of Intuition, ICFAI Journal of Operation Management (Feb'06).
  • Working for and with the Customer through ISO10002:2004(E)- A Welcome and Timely move from ISO, Global CEO, ICFAI Magazine, Feb'06.
  • Implementing KAIZEN in an Engineering Company, KENSU, No.148, 1998, AOTS Journal, Japan.
  • Risk assessment in Open Cast Mining-An application of Yager's Methodology for ordinal Multiobjective Decisions Based on Fuzzy sets, Japan journal of Industrial & Applied Mathematics, Vol. 20. No. 3. PP.311-319, Oct'03
  • Assessing risk in chemical plant with Pattern Matching, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 10 (2), 249-253 (Apr'02).
  • In search of Risk Assessment Model for ISO14001, Chemical Industry News (Nov'00).
  • Assessment of risk of rare events-A Review, Chemical Industry News (Jan'00)
  • Preparedness of Leather Industry to implement ISO9000-A Survey, The Journal of Leather technologists association, Vol.XXXXIII, No.1, Jan'93.
  • An in-depth analysis in quality costing-A case, Management Accountant (Mar'99).
  • Implication of ISO9000 series of standards from Shop Floor Angle The Indian Textile Journal, Jul'93.
  • Shop Floor Productivity -Some Old Factors revisited, Excellence in Supervision, Vol.8.No.6, Nov-Dec'92.
  • Perspective of Management Development-A Total Approach; Conference proceedings, National Seminar on Mine Productivity & Technology, Jul'94. Organised by The Mining, Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India.
  • Application of Dynamic Programming with Decision Network in Modernisation of a Textile Unit, Journal (Textile) of the Institution of Engineers, Vol.72, Dec.91.
  • Quality Circle Failure- A review Conference Proceedings, National Convention on Quality Circle, Organised by QCFI, 1987

Books Published

Productivity in 21st century - Issues and Challenges
Ed. Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

ISBN: 81-314-0493-5 Pages: 288

Measuring Productivity in Services - New Dimensions
Ed. Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay &
Gupta G S
ISBN: 81-314-0530-3 Pages: 356
Rel. Date: January 2007
Strategic Maintenance Management - Current Practices
Ed. Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

ISBN: 81-7881-738-1 Pages: 282
Rel. Date: February 2006
Technology Management - Concepts and Applications
Ed. Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

ISBN: 81-314-1232-0 Pages: 248
Rel. Date: December 2007